Version 1.2.246 of the Windows client now publicly available.


A new public version of the Windows client is being rolled out. This will bring users from 1.2.241 to 1.2.246.


This update contains the following changes:
- Improved the fallback languages for localized version. (ex: FR-CA will properly display in French instead of English.)
- When removing a subscription, the client now properly removes the saved credentials from Credential Manager.
- The client update process is now unattended once started and the client will relaunch once completed. This will only be noticeable once the next update is available.
- The client can now be used on Windows 10S devices.


Note: Version 1.2.246 (compared to 1.2.245) contains one fix to ensure clicking the update notification in the client works properly for users with a space in their name. The Insider ring was updated with the same version to ensure consistency.

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