Version 1.2.2459 of the Windows Desktop client for AVD has been released to all users!


This morning we released the September update of the Windows Desktop client (MSRDC) to all users.

Check out What’s New in this release and as always, appreciate any feedback.

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One of the new features in this update is the: "Reduced E2E latency and some performance issues by optimizing the GPU render path in the Windows Desktop client."

What kind of value should the IsSwapChainRenderingEnabled registry valiue be? Binary or Dword or string?

@Xandven_ I would like to know this as well.  Also, do we set this key on the client side or on the Virtual Desktop session host?

This should be a client side setting, but I would also like to have this verified.

Does anyone know what kind of registry value this should be? The way it is formatted in the text indicates binary, but all other values in that key are DWORD and as I have no way to verify the setting I would like to know exactly what kind of value this should be.