Version 1.2.155 of the Remote Desktop client for Windows available now

Version 1.2.155 of the Windows client is now available broadly. A notification will appear automatically in the client next time it looks for updates. This is an update from version 1.2.138. There's been a lot of bug fixes and tweaks but the main things to call out are:
  • Updated UI including colors, icons, strings.
  • Added support for pinning remote apps to the taskbar
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I'm experiencing something odd after the update. My Google Chrome is showing up in the taskbar with the wrong icon when I open it as a remoteapp. I have several chrome shortcuts published and they all used to open under the chrome icon, but now they all open up under the icon I use for one of the site shortcuts instead of the chrome icon. Chrome still shows correctly on the previous client version.@David Belanger 

@sbuntun Really appreciate the feedback. We'll have a look and may reach out with more questions.