Using FSLogix in Azure AD joined device scenario for AVD machines

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We are working in an AVD configuration scenario, where we have both, Hybrid and Azure AD join AVD machines.

We are facing issues in configuring FSLogix for AD joined machines.


For hybrid AD joined machines, we are able to setup & configure FSLogix for users profiles and it works great.


However, for Azure AD joined machines, we are unable to configure FSlogix. Microsoft documents (limited) says, to configure FSLogix , we need either on-Prem AD OR AAD DC. I am looking for a solution to overcome this issue. If AAD DC is supported, I probably need some MS document to back this.

Any help is greatly appriciated.

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For personal or pooled host pools because those are both different?
Hey Johan,

This is for a pooled host pool scenario.
For the moment you still need AD for your identities. These need to be hybrid. And you need to enable the Azure AD Kerberos.
Thanks Johan, this is what I concluded too.
Authentication using Azure AD is still in preview.
Thanks for your help and time. Cheers :)