Users stuck in Host session with service unavailable - Azure Windows Virtual Desktop


Good night;


I have a query, today there was an incident with a VM that belongs to a VM Pool.




The detail is that there were 7 sessions as "stuck" and one of them began to have problems when he tried to access.




At the moment I have removed this VM so that it can continue working on another host, but is this behavior normal? keep users online while the server is unavailable




At this moment the user could already connect to another Host in the Pool, but is there a way to avoid this problem that they remain stuck with the session?


How do I add that VM to the Host again? I have already managed to repair it and need to join it.


Thank you so much.

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Today another VM has failed me in the same way. Some answer? Maybe there is some command to move a user without removing the VM from the pool?

@Celso Javier Guzmán Díaz I am struggling with the same issue.

Have you found a resolution?