Users getting randomly disconnected

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Our environment:

  • 25-30 users
  • Windows 10 multi-session 20H2
  • 2x D8s_v3 as session hosts

Some of our users are getting randomly disconnected from our desktops and cant get back in. When they try to connect the session is just black and we have to sign them out from the portal, after that they can sign in as usual. When we look at AVD insights connection activity browser we see this on the users.




The load on our session hosts is basically CPU around 30% during working hours and RAM at 70% so there are some good margins.


Any ideas why this happens? They are all using the Windows Desktop client ( and some of them have updated to the latest version, some of them have not.



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@cloudlaine What policies do you have setup regarding Maximum Inactive Time and forced disconnect? From a troubleshooting perspective this should be an easy one to cross off the list of potential culprits.  

@Geo Johnson Thank you for your response. Well just to clearify, this happens in the middle of work and not while they are inactive. There are no settings available as far as I know for what you are asking for, and even if there's something I'm not aware of we haven't changed those settings. But, if that would be the case, wouldn't the insights tell us so instead of the memory error?

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Can you review sizing guidelines to see this is how your environment is designed? AVD VM sizing guidelines 

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes we've done that. Our users are running pretty light applications so according to the docs we are overprovisioned. I mean in a production environment with >20 users, like ours, MS recommend 2 users/vCPU at max for a heavy workload and we're at about 1,6 users/vCPU. And like I said our applications are not even considered to be highly demanding.

And even if that would be the issue, would it really show like this with random disconnects without CPU/RAM/disks beeing at higher load?