User's can't connect to VDI


If a user can't connect to a newly created VDI what could be the cause?




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Hi, it seems that this is a AzureAD issue specific for the device, have you tried the web client?



Hi yes actaully the webclient gets now the user can connect to the new Windows 10 VDI, they logon then we get them to go to Settings > Accounts> Setup work or School Account get the user to enter email and authenticte but now they get this new MDM error



I think this might be a Azure AD permissions issue?



Why do you need them to go through this process? can you please share more information about your setup topology?
Do the user have Intune license assigned?
Enrolling in Intune for a AVD session hosts is something that should be done in the background.
Either user a GPO or when deploying host that you select the Intune Enrollment.
Like Michael asked, can you tell us the setup of your environment so we can help you?