User profiles when moving from Windows 10 multi session to Windows 11 multi session

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I cant find a clear answer on the following. We have an environment where we have used Windows 10 Multi session in combination with Fslogix profiles for the last couple of years now. Now we want to move to Windows 11 Multi session.


The question is whether we can reuse the 'old' Windows 10 user profiles or do we need to create new user profiles? It seems that the profile mounts when signing in to Windows 11 and it seems to work. But is it really that simple, or Im a missing something? If we need to create new profiles, is there a way to migrate user data to the new profiles?


Hoping to get some feedback here :)

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Are you referring local profile setting?

Yes the local user settings in the users fslogix profile. In this case we don’t split the profile in office and user settings.