User Profile Storage recommendation - Why FSLogix profile container already now?

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I was hoping to use User profile disks (UPD) against Azure Files SMB and to rely on the public preview for Azure AD DS integration of Azure Files. My thinking was that I would gain the following:

- Azure files would handle scaling and availability. No need for a file share servers with redundancy.

- UPD would use the Azure Files SMB share and do the rest.


Reading up on FSLogix profile container:

- I would have to implement a redundant file server myself

- The values I get are unclear


Is there some soon-to-come integration of FSLogix profile containers in the overall WVD service that would make it a smart move to use it already now because the migration path would be vastly simpler? It feels like I am missing some important piece of the puzzle...

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@Johan_Eriksson You can actually use FSLogix profiles with Azure Files. Pretty much all that you have is the same but instead of enabling UPD you will install FSLogix agent. I have done a POC in my environment and works excelent

@Stefan Georgiev what way did you target the Azure Files share to make it work?

Hi @Stefan Georgiev 

Do you have a step by step guide on how you did it?