User Group Policy refresh when using FSLogix Profiles on Azure Virtual Desktop

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We recently made some changes to our User Group Policies in our Azure Virtual Desktop environment and quickly identified that changes we had made did not apply consistently to the hosts.


Early indicators suggest the underlying issue is related to FSLogix profiles where the GPO related registry items do not update successfully.  The identified workaround was to delete the users FSLogix profile.  Any changes made to the User GPO's are then successfully applied when the user logs on with a new profile.


Has anyone else experienced this issue on their platform and if so is there a permanent fix or a more suitable work around than re-creating the user's FSLogix Profile?


Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops - 19044.1766 (June)

FSLogix - 2.9.7979.62170

Identity - AADDS

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@Redsman13 We are running into this same issue currently. Did you ever find a fix?