User fslogix VHD getting stuck on AVD host. Sometimes unable to detach VHD and forced to delete host

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Starting around 11th or 14th of this month we started to experience this issue where people who would either be logging back into an idle session, logging off of their session and coming back to start a new one and even occasionally starting their session for the first time that day would experience this issue.  On the user end they just get "configuring session" endlessly and if you click on the more details to see what the session is doing its usually stuck on loading fslogix.  Sometimes when one users VHD gets stuck on the server it will not let us detach it and we have to ask all users to get off that server so we can reboot and often times the server does not reboot when doing so from the host or from azure resulting in us nuking the server so the users data isn't being held hostage by the host.  Sometimes I cant even remote into the host and it just gets stuck on loading fslogix and other times it will let me in after 20-30 minutes.  We ran into a similar issue like this once before when we had 20 new interns start for the firm and the solution was just have more hosts available.  We try to have 1 host per 11 possible users and have gone over this mark today where we now have 1 host per 9 users and still continue to see the issue.  In the event viewer what were seeing is typically something like the host lost access to the VHD/Fslogix location.  We contacted Microsoft last week on the 15th or 16th and yesterday they told us that it is a known issue they are looking into but couldn't give us any indication on a timeline for a fix and wanted to close the ticket (why is the ticket being closed when its still an issue).  Obviously not an ideal response when you have this happening on 2-3 servers a day.  In our environment the hosts for AVD are deleted and rebuilt every night with the same image.    We have only made application updates to this image in the past couple months.  No OS or fslogix changes during this time. I am curious if others are running into this issue and if they have had any solutions?  

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We are not having a lot of issues with FSLogix, but as of this month we are seeing double Onedrive icons inside the user Profile. This will result in that the profile is not logged off completely. Only the user folder in C:\Users is left behind. The VHD is unmounted fortunately so this is a minor issue for us. The C:\users folder cannot be deleted however. The only way to release the user folder is to either reboot the host, or use FRX.exe to release the open handles

This blog has helped me with tracking down what was the cause of the profile not removing completely from the host.

Maybe this will help you in tracking down your issue.