User disconnects, signs back in and does not get their FSLogix profile

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Hey everyone,


I have an AVD environment with an FSLogix Azure file share joined to the domain. Sometimes users will just close their RDP session, putting their profile into a disconnected state. When they log back in, it does not give them their session back and locks their profile.


This has been a huge headache - is this a known issue in AVD? I can enable multi-session writeback but I feel like that's a work around. I know there's a possible fix in the FSLogix preview but what is your experience with it?

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1. Set disconnected timeout to force the session to logoff after a certain amount of time -
2. Take a look at this -
* Delete local profile when FSLogix Profile should apply
Can you please share the exact error /screenshot your user sees when this error occurs?
They don't get an error, but when they log in they get a temporary profile, even though they had a disconnected session already tied to another session host.
Hi Luke - thanks for responding.

I have the delete local profile key but the issue is that they're disconnected. I think I just have to force a disconnected session to sign off quickly...

Is there a reason users might not get their disconnected session and sign into a new session host with a temporary profile instead?
This is unexpected. If possible, when this issue repro again, can you please share the activityid for the new session with the temporary profile?
Were you able to resolve your locked profile issue? If so how?
Honestly since then we have updated FSLogix and I have not seen the issue since. I am on the latest supported version but there is a preview in GA right now.