User always prompted for credentials when connecting to Remote App or Remote Desktop

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So when I use the Remote Desktop App, or go to:


When I go to launch a remote app or remote desktop, it prompts me to enter my username and password.

I thought one of the nice things with Virtual Desktop, is that because its integrated with Azure Active Domain, once they have logged into the website, they wouldn't need to enter their credentials again when opening each Remote App?

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@Jeffrey2330 : Apologize for the delay. The exact scenario you mention is where we'd like to be: where you only need to authenticate once, and then we can use that token for all of the authentication prompts.


Unfortunately today, the Azure AD and Windows logon authentication prompts are separate and isolated, so we cannot carry the Azure AD token to the logon prompt to log you in automatically.

Is this still the case? In our POC we are currently being hit by this "having to authenticate twice". How can we prevent that?