USB redirect for WVD

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Has anyone managed or know any information regarding USB redirects via the Remote Clients?


I want to use USB devices such as card reader for banking but currently unable to get the USB device across on the WVD hosts. Do you know if this is actually possible?



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Which client are you using? I can redirect USB smartcard readers from the full Windows 10 Remote Desktop client. You can even add them plug-and-play. It doesn't seem to work when accessing WVD from the webclient though. The big problem with smartcard redirection is the middleware used by many smartcard readers. Sometimes they require special installations before they work. But that is the same behaviour as in classic RDS deployments.


Obviously you can also block/enable smartcard redirection through GPO's.



Sorry for the delay. I'm using the Windows Virtual Desktop Client


I still can't get USB devices to redirect through the client and starting to doubt it actually does work. 



It works perfect for me. GPO settings on both the WVD machine(s) and the client allow redirection?

@XxArkayxX  Can you please describe the GPO settings in question?