Updating the master Image

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Hi all,


I've not seen much detail around the on going management of the images used for Windows Virtual Desktops. What would be the best options for updating of the W10 OS and apps on the master Image?


i.e. When a new Build version comes out on Windows 10 does this mean you would have to create a new master Image. Similarly, keeping the O365 apps up to date and also LOB apps such as Chrome, Firefox, Adobe etc. Would this require a recreating a new mast image each time?




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@HandAhave you seen the preview off Azure VM image builder? Perhaps that would be a good start for managing the W10 image.



Hi @Michiel Dekker 


Thanks for the reply.


I hadn't seen that. Have had a quick look and unless I've missed something it looks like it only supports Server OS images.



Hi@HandA ,


Take a look at these JSON templates, especially the W10 ones...;)