Updating Redirections.xml to configure what not to copy to a profile with FSLogix

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We configured Redirections.xml in our Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure environment to optimize the user profile data.
   System Components: AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop + Horizon Cloud) + FSlogix

After the Go-Live, we find the items we can add to the Redirections.xml with Exclude tags to reduce the user profile data. However, when we put the new tags on the xml, the already created items in those paths won't   be removed, and users don't  have the access to the items, so users cannot find and delete the items by themselves also.

Meanwhile, we have been providing DaaS service for 25K users, so it’s not feasible to delete the data one by one with admin account.

Is there any resolution to manage this issue?

Thank you.

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You can use the fslogix cleanup script and prune the folders by modifying the xml file that the script references.

"fslogix/Profile-Cleanup at main · aaronparker/fslogix · GitHub" https://github.com/aaronparker/FSLogix/tree/main/Profile-Cleanup
Thank you for the information. I didn't notice the script.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the setting is not allowed by my corporate IT rule, because this is not supported by Microsoft, and have the possibility to erase the users' data, which need to be kept.

Is there any way to overcome this issue by the method supported by Microsoft ?