Updates to WVD Scaling tool


We have a new version of WVD scaling tool to support Spring 2020 Update. Documentation can be found hereWe have also made reliability improvements to the current Scaling tool for the Fall 2019 release and you can update to latest version using instructions here.

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@Roop_Kiran_Chevuri  hi, if i already have scaing tool for fall release host pool, do oi have to deploy a new one side by side  to manage my spring release host pools ? 

You can use the existing Azure Automation and RunAs Accounts, running the script in documentation will create a new runbook and logic app to scale your Spring Update host pool.



If you´re searching for a GUI to update existing schedules and recreate it quickly, I can recommend the Community AutoScaling tool. It applies Microsoft's recommendations from the article in just a few steps of user interactions.


A lot of companies I know are using it already, maybe you can check it out here: https://wvdlogix.net/wvdlogix-autoscaling-tool


If you have questions, feel free to come back to me. 


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