Updates for WVD GA deployment template


Hi everyone,


We want to share with you the updates that we have introduced to our ARM template and its features.


New features:
In late February, an image-based on Windows 1909 SKUs has been added to the list of gallery images. This means that now our ARM template can reference the newer SKU. In the WVD Marketplace template here all of the Windows 10 gallery images that can be selected have been changed from the 1903 SKU to 1909.
Further, we updated the WVD PowerShell module to the more recent version v1.0.1804.100.

We received feedback that organizations are looking to deploy ever larger sets of VMs, so we made the availability set optional. New parameter named 'createAvailabilitySet' is added with the default value of true.

Improvements Planned for June 1:
The default value for the parameter 'rdshNamePrefix' will be removed from the Create session host pool and Update session host pool template. In the Update session host pool template, we will rename it to 'newRdshNamePrefix'. Both changes are aimed at reducing the confusion some customers are facing.


Please share your ideas, issues, and challenges with us.


RDS/WVD team

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