Undefined Sign-On URL for application "Windows Virtual Desktop Client" Error

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I have setup and deployed a Windows Desktop pool via the Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure and when attempting to access the Client application via the Enterprise application in the app portal I get the error "Undefined Sign-On URL for application "Windows Virtual Desktop Client". I am able to access the web client directly through URL "https://rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com/webclient". I have consented to both Windows Virtual Desktop and Windows Virtual Desktop client and have added myself to the client application as a default user and used Add-RdsAppGroupUser to assign myself to this pool. I have also reviewed issue and my setting appear to match, though the issue was a little different. I would like to be able to provide users the ability to access the service via the Office 365 app portal/waffle.



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I just got this after a succesful deployment a few months back I believe it has somethings to do with the RDS REMOTE APP but im still looking @JeremyLeirmo 

Something else I am seeing, When I deployed in preview I could access it the desktop through the client application, but now I see the client sign in and then just a black screen in the Remote Desktop Client@tommy_barnes 

@JeremyLeirmo I get this exact error as well, were you able to find a solution?


Sorry, I did not get a solution. We were looking at this as a possible replacement for Horizon, but have decided to resign out contract and have not looked at the AZ solution since. @James Currie