Unable to select lower tier VMs when creating new hostpool.

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Currently, I am in the free tier and I am in process of creating a test run of virtual desktops in a pool in Azure. I have gone through all the outlined steps preparing my Azure AD and tenant. When I begin the creation provisioning a host pool for the desktops, all of the VM selections for Light are greyed out. When I remove the filter, the only options I am left with that I can actually select are much higher end, and more expensive VMs.


Why can I not select lower end VMs for testing? I know I am still in the free tier, but selecting a $1600+/month virtual machine is overkill and not where we will want to land.



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@torwilliamson : Unfortunately, I'm unfamiliar with the SKUs that are allowed in the Free SKU and/or why they would be greyed out.