Unable to install AMD for NV8as_v4

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Greetings everyone,


I have installed Windows 10 pro with NV8as_v4 for the purpose of cloud gaming for our team. However, the frame rates are ridiculously low. Furthermore, I am unable to find and install appropriate AMD driver for this deployment. I have follow this article: Azure N-series AMD GPU driver setup for Windows - Azure Virtual Machines | Microsoft Docs but got no luck as it mentions for NV4. Can someone help me in deploying a cloud gaming setup? I am relatively new here and want to learn from the community. I also tried installed NV6 but that particular setup is not available for my subscription in any region. Any suggestions would be welcomed. 


Thanks in advance.

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The NV8as_v4 VM size is part of the NVv4 series. The easiest way to install the extension is through the Azure Portal. Go to your VM in the Portal, click on "Extensions" in the left menu, click the "Add" button, click on "AMD GPU Driver Extension", and click the Create button.