Unable to create host pool for WVD

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I am using this blog post/instructions to create a host pool and its failing with attached error:



Any help would be much appreciated.



azure raw.PNGazureerr1.PNG

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It looks like the VM is having issue joining domain. Most likely is the VNet you select does not have the line of sight to the domain you specify. One way you can verify is logon to the vm and try to join the domain manually.
By the way we have Spring update, please use it to deploy WVD:

@blackdrum13 As Soo already mentioned, its a domain join error. Check out this video also, its really useful! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RCCjpsTqcI&t



This is a great resource for the Spring 2020 update if you are looking for some step-by-step guidance (I have the link going specifically to creating a host pool):



The recommendation to check the subnet your VM lives on is also a good move. See if you are able to domain join via the the UI within the OS. Be sure to check all connectivity to your DCs.


If you do try the Spring 2020 I would keep in mind your use case for WVD. The fall update is in GA where the spring is in public preview so support response has no SLA.


Hi there.


have you checked that you can access your domain controller?  if you can create a VM that you can log into, then start with a simple DNS name ping, then if no luck an IP address ping.  If you can't see it, you won't be able to join to domain.  As someone mentioned, your vnets have to be set up correctly.


If you don't have a site to site connection where you can see your domain controller, or if this is just for first time testing, perhaps you can set up a domain controller in Azure and go that route.  In that case, you can put the domain controller in the same resource group as where VDs will go.