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Hi All - I just opened up a sev. A case because all of a sudden we are unable to connect to Windows Virtual Desktop with any clients (can't connect via the web and can't connect via desktop client). At first things were extremely slow so I had everyone sign out, but now I am completely unable to reconnect. It's as if the pool is completely unavailable. Was just wondering if anyone else was having difficulties these past few days (this started for us on Monday). As a further FYI, even running PowerShell cmdlets against my tenant are VERY slow to respond.  Ugh...

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@Richard Gallo Same issue here. Escalated to MS via Twitter and then a support ticket and have not heard back.

@Richard Gallo 


Same issue here on east coast (Florida)

When connecting to anything to mrs-eus* - I receive the 'loading' message looping until it times out.


When updating my host file to connect to a central RDBroker I'm able to see the host pools again, but not connect to the actual sessions. rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com


@Richard Gallo  WVD is unavailable to all over our customers for the past hour


I was just able to get back in to mine. Checking others..

@Richard Gallo new here, Hi All, can someone help me to get Microsoft acc signed out on my pc? I can sign into my MS acc online but not on my pc, therefore all my other devices cant either. My MS password does not work on my pc does matter how many times I change it. Please assist asap, Thank you

@Richard Gallo Yep, same here, and it just now came back. They are doing something up there....


This statement in the bulletin is incorrect: "Existing connections to WVD desktops and RemoteApps will not be affected"  I was kicked out.

Ours is working across the board again...

@Richard GalloIt's work for me!

1. Listing your current user session

Get-RdsUserSession -TenantName <yourtenantname> -HostPoolName <yourhostpoolname>

2. And kill each session one by one

Invoke-RdsUserSessionLogoff -TenantName <yourtenantname> -HostPoolName <yourhostpoolname> -SessionHostName <SessionHostName> -SessionId <sessionId>


You can try it, if you have any questions, you can discuss with me.

Looks like things are starting to come back online for us as well. I also JUST got confirmation from support that there was an ongoing issue. Thanks for the sanity check all!