Unable to Connect RDP (Mac & Windows)



I have created VM on Azure & now having trouble to connect the VM with Microsoft RDP (Mac & Windows)

My RDP setup is correct no issue with it. Whenever I try to connect my VM it give me following error 


On Mac - Erro code : 0x4

On Windows - internet error


Support & feedback shall be very much appreciated..


Regards, Faraz Shaikh

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This case needs more explanation. 

You are trying to connect to a published desktop via the Remote Desktop tool? This SessionDesktop is attached to a session host? Is the session host "Available" within the Azure portal? 

Hi @RobJanssen,


I have created a Virtual Machine on Azure and trying to connect with Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac.

I have check the screenshot also for my VM via azure, everything looks ok. Unfortunately I'm not able to connect my VM


Regards, Faraz Shaikh

Hi Faraz,

Okay, so, is it Azure Virtual Desktop related? Or is it just an IAAS VM?
If it needs to be a AVD session host I suggest to follow this well-documented step-by-step:


Let me know!


Kind regards,


Hi @RobJanssen

I followed the steps unfortunately it didn't work for me.. 


Regards, Faraz Shaikh 

@Faraz Shaikh 



What is your configuration are you trying to connect from Internet with public IP or from private ? 

Can you just verify  the connectivity options in Connection Troubleshoot  (Support + troubleshooting blade ) 


You also can use Azure Bastion to quickly see if it's an Azure related problem or not  .

Hi @ibnmbodji

RDP there is no luck, I tried deleting all my resources unfortunately it didn't work for :( I'm still struggling to connect with RDP.  However Azure Bastion I was able to connect to my VM.


Any suggestions on RDP ?


Regards, Faraz Shaikh

Are you targeting a public or private ip in the rdp connection ? . You are probably missing a network security group rule here . You need to create a RDP rule to open the RDP port (3389).
I'm using public IP to connect..
Could you please guide me where are network setting & what changes should I do ?
Regards, Faraz Shaikh

@Faraz Shaikh 


Hi  in the virtual machine settings  go  to networking then add a rule that allow inbound connection on port 3389. You can leave any any for testing purpose only but ideally specify  the public ip of your  network for the source IP address (instead of any)