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Is anyone else starting to have trouble activating Office for their WVD users? All of them have E3 licenses and were able to activate before. Office is set up for shared activation and was working for our first 20 or so users. This is the error I received for a brand new user. I would appreciate it if anyone had any suggestions. We're running Windows 10 multi-session w/ Office 365 pro plus en.



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UPDATE: For any interested parties, I was able to resolve this by disabling Modern Authentication for this user. Once the login interface changed and the user got the password prompt, they were able to activate office. I'm not sure how this will affect the the other user with this problem who has MFA enabled. I hope this will not start to become a widespread issue.


@sbuntun after involving more resources, it seems that there is no such a known issue currently. It may be an issue in your environment. For further troubleshooting, could you provide the Office version number, the Office Channel and the version number of the Windows 10 operating system here?


Meanwhile, I suggest you do a test with non-MFA accounts to see the result.

@sbuntunThank you! This solved it for me to, after two days of troubleshooting.. Made my day :)