Unable to access hosts


I know that I have overlooked something simple but I need some help to troubleshoot this as it is driving me nuts.


I have created a new host pool successfully using the Resource Manager method and the new Spring 2020 blade in Azure. I have successfully created a host inside this and the Status = available. The updatestate = succeeded.


I have a Desktop application group with an assignment of 2 x users + group. However, when I try and access the session via the webclient I'm greeted with:

It looks like your system administrator hasn’t set up any resources for ....


I know this is a permissions thing but can anyone tell me what I'm missing here? I can RDP into the VM via another non pooled PC on the same network so I know it ix working and I know that user accessing has permissions. It is something to do with the publishing side.


Any assistance greatly appreciated!





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@Robert Crane, are you using this slightly different URL for the web client?

@JaedenTraum Sure am

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Worked it out. D'Oh.


Can't assign users to same group that provides apps and desktops! Once I split things up. all good.


If I may piggyback on this conversation.  I am having a similar issue.

What I have works with:

a pool (call it alpha) of 2 vms with 2 users.  The  VMs are domain joined to Azure AD DS.


It does not work with:

a pool (call it beta) of 2 vms with 2 users. The VMs are domain joined to a separate Windows Domain in the Azure space.  Also, I created an third with the same parameters as beta, just to be sure I did not foobar something in the first one.  Neither work.


I can RDP from a machine in the same vnet to the VMs in the beta pool. 


Other settings:

I have set up a conditional forwarder in AD DS dns, to forward querys for the beta name space to the beta DNS server.

The vnet that AD DS is in, is peered to the other vnets. The alpha set is in one vnet, the beta set is in another.


When I connect to the vdiweb site. I initially use a login in the AD DS name space.  It shows the three pools the user is assigned to.


Is there something about using the web portal to access pools where they are domain joined to another domain?


@DavidBeeJust answered my own question

Answer was in "Error when connecting to MVD - 0x3000047"


Adding a alternate UPN suffix to the internal domain