Tune in to Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA) - April 17, 2024

Community Manager

This month, get insights from the product managers for Azure Virtual Desktop with Azure Stack HCI. They'll be here to answer your questions about Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts on-premises for scenarios that can't move to the cloud. Want to improve performance for users in areas with poor connectivity? Need to provide access to legacy on-premises apps and data sources by keeping desktops and apps in the same location? Deploying Azure Virtual Desktop with Azure Stack HCI can help with these needs and more. Tune in to this AMA on April 17, 2024 at 8:00 AM PT to get the answers you need to adopt and deploy this service. Don't forget to add this event to your calendar!

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What's AMA: Windows in the Cloud?

Each month, Christian Montoya, Senior PM Manager on the Windows Cloud Experiences Team at Microsoft, hosts a live one-hour AMA event. Here, he discusses what's new and helps out with what's top of mind when it comes to Windows in the cloud. These AMAs alternate between Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, but one thing is always the same. This is a great chance to get answers to your questions and learn from many different members of the product, engineering, and customer experience teams. Bookmark Join monthly AMAs for Windows in the cloud! to see upcoming events and past sessions on demand.

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