Trouble with the MAC and IOS apps on Windows Virtual Desktop

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SO i have my hostpool for a multi session windows ten and it works in the Browser on my MAC, but when I try to add the feed in the rdclient it says there is no resources? 


On IOS rd cleint it adds the feed but has a configure button and says "THe Publishing server has encountered an error. Please try Again"


Any ideas


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@Oliver-76 , have you tried using the address


, not certain if that'll work, however that'sd the feed address the Windows desktop client program uses.. Might be worth a go?



To add your remote resource feed on the iOS client use the following feed url:


If you continue to run into issues, please reply to this post to let me know.

@briantaintorDo you know if this URL is supposed to work on Android device as well? As I get 'The remote resources server could not be contacted'.

Hi all, 

I manage to get the feed working, but when I try to connect with the app from the ipad it crashes directly after entering credentials. Is anyone else experiencing this?

@Fosselius I am having the same problem on my iPad. I am able to authenticate with O365 and see my new remote desktop but  cannot log in. It works great on my Android phone. Have you had any luck getting it to work?