Traffic path / AVD gateways

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Is it possible to see somewhere which AVD Gateway the clients are going through? We have a problem with very high RTTs, we're talking 200-400ms reported by Azure Monitor. Clients are in Norway, hosts in the Netherlands. Traffic should be going through the Norway gateways, but how can we know thats actually the case? Our customer are experiencing lots of disconnects, at random times, random hosts and random users, maybe because of this.

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Have you tried using the AVD experience estimator to see what region is most suitable for you?
Yes, i know which region is most suitable, i just want to confirm that the traffic is really going that way.. :grinning_face:
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If I understood correctly, you would like to see where your user connections are hitting to which gateway region of Azure?
If yes, then you can query the log analytics .. WVDConnections
if you want specific Gateway like SouthIndia then you can use below.

WVDConnections | where GatewayRegion == "SIN"

@NKC25 Thanks! This was just what i was looking for :) You dont happen to have a list over all the codes for the different gateway regions? You know, WEU is West Europe, NOE is Norway East etc. I see some users are connecting through regions i cant figure out where is.. 

Yea, just tried looking for the list of regions couldn't figure out.