To manage AVD machine with intune, it must be Hybrid-joined, really ?

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Just checking also all prerequisites.
Want to create personal assigned, Azure AD joined only session hosts and manage them with intune, but... If I want to manage them with intune the machines must be hybrid-joined ? really ? 
In other words, I cannot use AVD+Intune without "on-prem AD" or "Azure AD domain services" ? I cannot believe that this ie true, can somebody confirm ?


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Harm, not sure what you are trying to say with that link (that is talking about cloudpc, I'm only interested in native AVD) but also, Azure AD join is not the problem... It is about Intune... Adding the devices to Azure AD only works fine, but I want to enroll them in intune also and that is "not supported" if I read it correctly.
My mistake! Just read the public preview announcement and saw your question
Well, talked to MS and seems like documenation error. We alreasy have it working without Hybrid Azure AD-join and MS also confirmed it is a supported scenario.