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Since Windows Virtual desktop service relies on azure AD for authentication. Is this supported by thin clients that support RD protocol and were designed initially for classic RDS infrastructure.


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I'm also interested in this. The main business case for VWD we see is replacing current RDS/Citrix environments, while retaining the current thin client estate. If we need to buy new Windows-based computers to run WVD, the business case comes up a lot worse...

If you use a Windows 10 IOT thin client then you can install the WVD application and run the desktop
Yeah, but many companies already have linux-based thin clients, perfectly capable of running RDP against all current RDS-environments. Why would/should they not be compatible with WVD?

I have customers with 800+ HP thin clients; many of them bought within the last two years. Replacing these would be a massive investment. And seemingly completely unnecessary.
Can you provide the link to download WVD application?

@Magnus Tjerneld 


I have more than 1.2k thin clients. I'm waiting for a solution. 


I can't wait for Microsoft give a solution and I shutdown all my RDS/Citrix on-premise.



What's the verdict on this? I just launched my first WVD pool. works like a champ. I need to know about thin/zero client connectivity. Is there any progress with this?

Same here.. i need to know QUICKLY what to do...
New Thin client ? which one ? Wyse 5470 ?? did someone tried this ?
Rasp Pi4 and google chrome for web access?



We have a customer asking similar questions.  I cant find anything definitive on this topic aside from a list of Microsoft Virtual Desktop Integration Partners.  This list is not exclusive to Thin Client vendors and for those that are listed, their respective sites dont seem to have helpful information


Is there any information on this topic that can be shared in hopes of shedding light on this?  Even if its simply on the roadmap for Vendor-A or any vendor for that matter?

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We are working with a number of other Linux thin client partners to enable them to build their own WVD clients. Today, IGEL is the only partner with a client in production. If there are other Linux thin client you and your customers need support for, please keep posting in this thread. It always helps us to have more info to share with partners re demand.

You can repurpose them with IGEL OS, they will replace the ThinOS software with IGEL OS 11.3 which supports WVD using the Linux WVD SDK.

Hi @CTSLU sorry for the late reply, stumbled across this now. 
IGEL supports virtually any x86-64Bit CPU. You need 2GB RAM and recommended 4GB storage. You will probably be able to repurpose your DELL/WYSE 5470's with IGEL OS and get access to the native IGEL WVD client. 
chekc out my blog for news on IGEL WVD implementation, and other useful articles of the world of IGEL, check out for quickstart guides on how to get going with IGEL and for more info. Hope this helps and reach out if you need any assistance.