Thin client support status

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Hello, I think there was a topic of WVD thin client support before.

My customers are also interested in supporting thin clients.

Is there any update information on the thin client support status after WVD is GA?



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@kyohei_: Today you can use the HMTL5 client on the thin client itself. See this topic discussed here:

We are using NCompute RX-HDX devices and would like to have native client support.

@Denise Child We announced this week at Ignite that Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is now supported by installing the Windows client. We also announced that we have a Linux SDK that will be made available shortly to partners to build solutions and the Igel will soon be releasing a device with support for WVD using this SDK.

@David Belanger 

We are Thin Client manufacturer and Microsoft Partner, we are interested in the Linux SDK, which is the process to follow to receive more information about? Thank you 

@Bomma65 I'm adding @briantaintor who is driving the Linux SDK.

@David Belanger thank you.

@briantaintor any information you can provide about Windows Virtual desktop partnership contact and Linux SDK is appreciated, thank you.

Hello @David Belanger 

Do you have schedule about Linux SDK that will be made available for partners to build solutions ?

@briantaintor do you have any update or official schedule about Linux SDK that will be available for partners to build solutions? Thank you.