The session hosts I have need extra config before allowing new sessions to be load balanced to them.


My situation:

I am using ARM Templates to create session hosts using a pre-baked image with stuff that is expected to change less often. I use the DSC from your in an DSC extension to ensure I get the agent etc installed and configured properly. All of this works fine and allows me to blemd my way of creating a VM with your requirements. 

My problem:

The session host is not fully ready to allow new sessions after the creation. There are some final non-automated steps.  

My question:

Is it possible to get an extra parameter to FirstSessionHost/AdditionalSessionHosts that controls if session hosts are allowing new sessions immediately?

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@christianmontoya I bit the bullet and cloned your github repo. I made changes to the DSC part of "wvd-templates/Create and provision WVD host pool" essentially adding a new optional parameter called AllowNewSession in the relevant places and then making use of it in Script-AdditionalRdshServers.ps1 as well as Script-FirstRdshServer.ps1. It was a fairly simple change and I would be happy to share it with you if you decide to add such a feature in a future release. 

FYI: I use your DSC in my own ARM template, to ensure I get your WVD stuff the way you want and the rest of the VM the way I want.