The AVD Web client will be moving to a new URL beginning 18 April 2022


Beginning 18 April 2022, we're moving the Azure Virtual Desktop web client to a new URL. The new URL is available now and ready for use. Please transition to using the new URL before 18 April 2022.


Azure Virtual Desktop Web Client:

Azure Virtual Desktop Classic Web Client:

Why is this change happening?

This change gives us greater flexibility and opportunity for more frequent web client releases.


Recommended action

Starting today, configure the new URL with the same permissions and on the same allow lists as the current URL. Beginning 18 April 2022, end users accessing the old URL will be automatically redirected to the new URL. Some users will be redirected immediately. The rest will be redirected throughout the week.


More information

Right now, we're making changes in the production environment only. Other environments will follow, and we'll send additional notifications at that time.

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Can be here "simply" MS way to use own url as gateway? Not workaround from community? Maybe you guys hear something? 

Our notification specified that users accessing the old URL will be automatically redirected. Do you know whether that redirection will be permanent?
Looks like we needed to consent again to the new link
Hello, and thank you for your question. We will remove the old URL at some point in the future. Additional notifications will go out before that happens. The redirection will be kept in place until that time. I hope that answers your question.

I notice that the URL still contains "WVD"... I'm sure there are many and good reasons why you haven't amended it to "AVD" but it seems to me to have been a perfect time to do so if changing it!

You are correct. That would be a much bigger change.
What changes are required on our end for this change?
I really appreciate it for detail information
Can you please clarify how long the old urls will be redirected ? We are mid semester so would like to wait until the end of May to update our redirections to the url.
Secondly, where is one officially supposed to go to see these additional notifications?
The old URLs will be in place with the redirection past May, so there should not be an issue with you waiting to update if you need to.
Notifications will be sent again through email, posted here on Tech Community, and in the Azure Portal.

@Kathryn_Jakubek I assume Microsoft will update the URL to point to the new URLs?


Do we need to run the consent again, as stated by @rejohnson1545?

Yes, the URL will be repointed to the new URL.

We don't expect most customers will need to consent again. It should be easy to try the new client out through the new URL to find out if it is necessary.

I hope that helps to answer your questions.

I didn't have to give consent