Technology is a flat out lie according to Azure support

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This technology is a flat out Lie. I just called Azure support because no more than 1 person can connect to the Windows 10 VM and the technician advised that this multisession Windows 10 is a lie and not available to anyone. 


Here is teh exact quote from Azure Technical support:


Only two users can RDP into machine at once, there is a license called RDS which stands for Remote Desktop Gateway and this license allows you to to have much more users able to rdp into a VM at once. 

 If you do need assistance with requesting the RDS, I can engage out windows team. I apologize about the inconvenience and confusion. 


So if Microsoft support is telling me that this is not possible,  I am assuming this is all a big fat lie.  



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Here is the support number in which I was told this technology does not exist: 119052023002451 

@Larry Casey Really?  We've been using Win10 multi user since WVD was released.  I've had about 6-10 users connected at once.



That shows you how well the support staff are trained at Azure.  They do not understand or even know their own technology , but yet, Microsoft has people with absolutely no knowledge of Windows supporting this new emerging technology which is really a shame.  They should be engaging customers and providing inspiration in which they could even drive further revenue through excellent support.


Imagine, you call the Worlds leading cloud service provider, and you are greeted by a top notch support professional well versed in the technology they are supporting.  They then even offer insights to the technology or provide common pointers that may lead a customer to perhaps order more services. Or, simply by providing the Worlds best in class technical support,  IT administrators around the world who drive decisions in technology would recommend a Microsoft cloud solution as the number 1 choice.


Glad to hear this is not all a Lie and only hope that Microsoft support one day becomes the Worlds best in class support to match its best in class cloud services!



@Larry Casey We are a P1 Azure AD tier and also pay for Unified (Premier) support.  I've had nothing but good experiences in the Azure support space.  Sometimes, in the O365 support, I've gotten a tech that wasn't ideal but out TAM made it right. 


WVD is still in preview and I think they haven't fully built up the support just yet.  The best we can do in the community is let them know what's wrong so they can improve it.  Microsoft has come a long way and I think it's because of the support they receive from the community.

@Larry Casey : We are sorry you were running into this issue.  Let us know which support channel you have used so we can follow up with the support team responding to you. NOTE: Windows Virtual Desktop is in preview and support cases are not handled yet.


Windows 10 multisession is available with Windows Virtual Desktop and can host multiple users. Deployment guidance and troubleshooting is available here in our documentation: .


Please verify if you are using the right image - see first section here in our troubleshooting guide.


Other than that I recommend to walk through the set-up steps and make use of diagnostics which can give information in case the VM is not correctly set-up with the service.

If you can’t resolve the issue with more details on your problem description.








@Larry Casey 

Hi, I do not have the full picture but it seems your ticket was opened for RDS and not WVD. 


What is the user experiencing are you connecting through web client, installable 32 bit, or any of the other wvd supported clients or you are using RDP and connecting directly to the VM via the Azure generated RDP file....


FYI - public preview services do not offer support.

@Larry Casey: I am sorry you were running into this experience with support. Let us know which support channel you have used so we can sort out the issue with support.


On your issue looks like you were not using our Remote Desktop clients to connect through the service to the VM but connecting through RDP file to the VM which allows 1 user only.


You can do the following:

- Verify you are using the right image. See the first section in this troubleshooting guide. 

- Next ensure you have followed the guides in our documentation and haven’t missed steps like app publishing and assigning users. Once your are done with those use one of our available clients in preview (Windows 7/10 or HTML5) to connect to the published resources.


NOTE: Windows Virtual Desktop is in preview and support tickets are not handled at this time. If you are still running into issues please post a new post with a title that describes your issue best and steps that help to understand at which stage your are stuck to get guidance in this community.