Teams shared desktop appears black to viewers after minimizing and then maximizing the Window

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About three weeks ago we started noticing that if someone is sharing their desktop and the person viewing the desktop minimizes Teams that once they maximize it again the shared desktop is blacked out.  A work around is to select the double window icon in the upper right hand corner of Teams to shrink the window and then expand it again and then the shared desktop is viewable. 


I have a case open with MS about this but so far they haven't come back to me with anything.  


Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

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No one has replied to this post but I did want to add an update.  Microsoft has replied to my case and stated that our organization is not the only one experiencing this issue and that they are working on a fix. I will add another comment when the fix is available. 

Hi, rstuart68.
We are also seeing this issue. Haven your got any further update on your support case regarding this?
Sorry for the late response, I wasn't notified that anyone had replied.

My case with MS is still open and I'm still feeding them information. The ticket started with the O365 team but is now with the AVD team. As of this past week it now has a new complication, when you click away from the screen that is being shared, the shared screen moves to the upper left in that chat and you have to select the screen share option to get it to move back into the main window.

Thanks for the reply.
Please post anything if you get something useful from them.

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There is a fix for both issues I mentioned in the latest WebRTC release.

Updates for version 1.1.2110.16001
Fixed an issue that caused the screen to turn black while screen sharing. If you've been experiencing this issue, confirm that this update will resolve it by resizing the Teams window. If screen sharing starts working again after resizing, the update will resolve this issue.
You can now control the meeting, ringtone, and notification volume from the host VM. You can only use this feature with version 1.2.2459 or later of the Windows Desktop client.
The installer will now make sure that Teams is closed before installing updates.
Fixed an issue that prevented users from returning to full screen mode after leaving the call window.