Teams not working in Windows 11 AVD + FSLogix

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I am currently setting up and testing a Windows 11 AVD environment for future use, but I am having trouble with getting Teams to work properly.


When a user logs in for the first time I am able to log into Teams. When keeping it open for a couple of minutes the client will start having problems, like crashing, restarting, staying on the "Waiting on Teams" screen or just showing a full white Teams application window.


When signing off from the AVD Session Host and signing in again Teams is not working either anymore. 


I have found out that Teams appears to be working fine when I exclude the user profile from using FSLogix.  This is not a solution however.


The problem seems very similair to Teams for Vdi & Fslogix - Microsoft Q&A, unfortunately the mentioned registry key is already present. 



Further information about the current setup:


I am very curious if anyone else has experienced problems like this. 

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We have done tests on two more Windows 11 multi-session machines in our own environment.

  1. One with the same Virtual Desktop Optimisation Tool applied.
  2. One clean image without any additional stuff applied.


Both tests show the same Teams problems, so it seems to be limited to the Windows 11 multi-session image or FSLogix. 


I'm awaiting to be sent the new public preview version of FSLogix in the hopes that this may contain some fix (FSLogix Release Notes - FSLogix | Microsoft Docs).

Teams AVD optimized isn't working worth a crap in Windows 10 Multisession with Fslogix. No apps load unless they are popped out. Files area doesn't load in Teams Channels. There's white screening. Its a very bad experience. It was fine up until a few weeks ago.

I have this as well, Windows 11 - non multisession on AVD. Seems to be okay when we first start but then so starts to crash after an update. I can't click on the Files tabs in channels, it just goes full white teams screen then the strange garbled dialog box.

We might have found a lead on this. But since microsoft shot everyone into that Teams Following OfficePreview its causing the version of Teams to update to the trash "preview" you can usually tell this is the case if you blow away the Roaming App data for Teams inside of the Microsoft folder. Then when teams first launches it'll look different than what you currently had. Furthermore you'll be able to go to the elipses at the top and go to About and see an option for "Preview Features" I assume for you this "version" before hitting Preview Features will work as intended. However as soon as Teams is fully restarted or user logs off the newer trash version will take over. It may also be show a bar at the top regarding needing a restart for the new meeting experience.



We currently have a ticket open with Microsoft, I have been able to reproduce the problem clearly and they have collected all the data.

The backend team of the Teams support is now handling the case.

I had to explain to the engineer what avd and fslogix was so it took a while to get there.


Case #:29533066

When you clear appdata for a user do you notice or have Teams show a solid purple bar on the left and then tell you it needs to restart at the top? Once restarted that bar on the left becomes white?

That's our dilemma and it the "purple bar" build works the "white bar" build does not.

We have ticket open with Microsoft atm.



After deleting cache we have a purple bar but no restart message, when we restart teams we get white screens and error messages en teams will never start normal again.


When we exclude the user from using fslogix and give a local profile teams works fine. Does it also works fine without fslogix for you?

Yeah no issues on a non-fslogix driven deployment. After talking to Microsoft they said we need to omit certain parts of the Teams cache from FSLogix using the redirection file (a manual coded XML). They also said that once we turned off the Teams Preview options through Teams admin it should fix it, but its been 72+ hours and it hasn't so I don't hold a shred of hope there. Now I have to open a ticket with Fslogix to assist with the XML file because I am XML "dumb".

They referenced this doc
Try an older version of Teams, like 1.4.00.XXXX this fixed out problems (pretty sure, doing more testing, but initial behavior is back to normal).
Not the same, only one good start and after that only errors and loops.
I will test it today en let you know.
@tomdw. Which azure vm size you are using? We have the same problems, when we are using v5 vm sizes. When we go back to a v4 vm size, everything works fine. We have also issues with Outlook and Edge, when we using v5 sizes.
We have indeed only been testing with v5 machines (D4as v5 in specific).

One thing I noticed with these machines is that the pagefile is not configured, since the D4as v5 VM comes without a temp storage. I haven't been able to test if this has anything to do with it.

But surely an interesting find that it works on v4 vm's!
We have test with d4ds_v5, d4ads_v5 and e4ads_v5. All have temp storage, but all have the problem. The v4 size also with temp storage have no problem.

@swalra we've been having these issues with Windows 11 multi-session and Teams, among other issues, Also running D8s_v5. Have you made any headway on this issue? It's murdering me and my clients.

I can confirm from my experience simply swapping to a v4 vm has solved most if not all of the Teams issues. Early testing but after 5 logins, no Teams crash yet.


Thanks for the heads up. Complex / silly issue, easy fix (long term hopefully) Will try v5 vms again at some point.

@hgf12345 Hey! Last update in thread is quite old. Is the fix still to use a v4 image? I'm also experiencing this issue of Teams whitescreen/crashing using the latest fslogix and Teams machine-wide versions, but just using the small B2s VM size for testing; does not specify what version it's running on.

Just hoping someone can confirm.






We never got to the bottom of the issue(s) we were experiencing with Teams. Ultimately, we abandoned Windows 11 in our AVD environments, and all those annoying issues disappeared and have not resurfaced. My take is that Windows 11 was just not ready and too buggy. Painful to say the least.