Surface Laptop for Business Thin Clients

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Since thin clients are typically desktop form factor that don't support mobility, the question I have is will there be a Surface Laptop for Business line of thin clients for mobility (not unlike Chromebooks) that orgs can deploy for remote workers to use in consuming the Virtual Desktop service as opposed to buying a laptop with full OS just to consume another full OS virtually thus costing even more or did I just suggest a new amazing product idea?!


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@techieg4The Surface Laptop Go seems to fit the spec for a thin client.  If the remote desktop app in the Windows Store supported Teams optimization, you could use the consumer $549 model with Windows Home S in a "here's your own desktop" model. 


What I would like is a bootable USB with a WVD thin client based on Windows IOT that I can remotely update via MEM and push remote desktop app updates with.  It must support Teams optimization, which current USB linux based thin clients (Igel) do not support.  It must boot on x64 and Macs.