Suppressing full screen session host

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Hi - is there a way to set the resulting remote desktop session to session host from going full screen?


This was an easy setting to get to with on-prem RDS farms.  Is there an equivalent with WVD?  Sorry if already answered - I just couldn't find much on the subject.  TIA.

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@jaycrumpgp: You can define custom properties that the fine the behavior. Using the " Set-RdsHostPool" cmdlet - go here for more info on the cmdlet. 


Use screen mode id:i:value which is documented in our server documentation:


If you are running into issues let us know.

@Eva Seydl 


A guide on this would be great. The cmdlet page does not really explain how to use these additional configuration parameters. It would be nice to have an easier way to configure the desktop experience for the users (such as disabling local/session clipboard access0.