Start VM on connect starts Public Preview!


For all early birds who want to start testing, keep in mind that we have the following limitations:

  • You can configure the setting on validation pool only (we will update this post when you can enable on non-validation too)
  • You can apply this setting for personal host pools only.
  • You can access this setting from PowerShell and RestAPI only.

Please review carefully the additional pre-requisites and set-up guidance here in our documentation.


We are working to make the setting available for you through the Azure portal. Later in preview you can expect support for pooled hostpools and support for remaining Remote Desktop clients. We will keep you updated in this forum. Please share your feedback by commenting to this post or create a new post.

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@Richard Brown did you enable the feature

on your host pool?



Its working now.  It look like it took a couple of hours to take.

@Eva Seydl 


Is this still requiring validation host pool only? 

Do users need any permissions like VM Operator or VM Contributor? 

The feature is generally available in the meantime. Permission and set-up are explained here: