Start VM on connect Public Preview Update! Use Azure Portal now.


Hello WVD community :)!


We have announced public preview of start VM on connect last week! Early adopters could use PowerShell or RestAPI to configure this feature for personal host pools. This setting lets you turn on your VMs whenever you need them. If you want to save costs, you'll need to deallocate your VMs by configuring your Azure Compute settings. 


We are happy to announce that you can use the Azure Portal too! Navigate to the host pool settings of your personal host pools and watch out for the setting below.





If you haven't started preview yet remember to set-up the custom RBAC role first. Review limitations, pre-requisites and setup guidance in our documentation.


You prefer a walk through video? Visit this Azure Academy YouTube video.


For feedback and suggestions reply to this post or create a new one. 




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We got news for you. Our iOS and macOS clients have been added as supported for start VM on connect. Our documentation is updated accordingly: