SSO using AD FS is now generally available!


We're excited to announce that single sign-on (SSO) using Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) for Azure Virtual Desktop is now generally available! This feature allows customers who use AD FS to configure their host pool to enable a single sign-on experience, removing the second credential prompt for the session host. This functionality is supported when using the Windows Desktop and web clients.


Getting started:


The documentation to configure AD FS single sign-on will guide you through the key steps needed to enable this functionality including:

  • Configuring your certificate authority to issue certificates
  • Configuring your AD FS server with a relying-party trust
  • Configuring your Windows Virtual Desktop host pool to enable SSO


This functionality is available in the Azure Commercial cloud and will soon be available in other Azure clouds.

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Already mentioned earlier but we consider this a step back. ADFS is something that we migrated away from and all apps to Azure AD.
The fact that MS is introducing something "new" based on old ADFS is not something that I would be "exited" about. Please make it possible to use SSO based on Azure AD, that would be great.

+1 on the comment from @Deleted, ADFS as a solution for SSO in AVD feels like a trip back in time. 

Agree ADFS is a step back intime
Agree, all comments and AD FS is not tradable for small companies, to big environment.
Make it possible via with Azure AD.