Spring Update - One Drive Error - Network folder is currently mapped using a different username

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Hi all,

I have deployed WVD Spring Update to a test group.

A few users are having a One Drive issue where an error message pops up when they login after successfully setting up One Drive and mapping to network folders

" The Network folder specified is currently mapped using a different username and password. To connect using a different username and password, first disconnect any existing mappings to this network share"

Is there a solution for this?

Many thanks in advance.


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@ronald2424 Not sure if this issue is related to OneDrive (Based on what is shared). It seems that is a generic issue with mapping a network drive. How is the network drive mapped? via Net Use...if so that will not work - only one set of creds can connect to the same server. If a different creds reissue the command you will get the error described. This is because it reuses the same relationship to map additional shares on the same server.

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The issue has been resolved.. It was user related.. wrong credentials.. drove me nuts till we figured that out. :)