Spring Update 2020 is in Public Preview!


Today we have announced public preview of our next update which comes with several improvements. See here where Brad Anderson and Julia White summarize our most exciting capabilities:https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2020/04/30/enable-remote-work-faster-new-windows-...

Get started by navigating to the Azure Portal and search for Windows Virtual Desktop. Our PS module is also available in PSGallery as part of Az module. The ARM API reference is available here - https://github.com/Azure/azure-rest-api-specs/tree/master/specification/desktopvirtualization/resour.... Our documentation is available here - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-desktop/

Note: Existing object created using GA tools will not show up on the portal. You will need to migrate them to ARM object. Migration tool (under implementation) will be provided by the WVD team.

Known issues:

This is the list of open issues we have that will be fixed soon:

  • Assign a user directly to a session host using the portal (mitigation: uses PS cmdlet)
  • Enabling and disabling of validation environment property doesn’t work
  • Export template from creation wizards not working (mitigation: for hostpool template, navigate to hostpool->properties->download template)
  • New-AzWvdWorkspace – at present you need to provide all properties for the PS cmdlet, else it fails - Name, ResourceGroup, Location, Description and Friendlyname
  • Not all doc links on the portal redirects you to the right document location.
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@pratik-imriel I'm assuming this question is around managing an WVD endpoint. 

In summary:


  • Today you can use Microsoft Endpoint Manager, specifically System Center Configuration Manager, and manage VMs that are deployed as part of Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • Very soon, you will be able to use Intune to manage Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Later this year we are planning to have a preview to allow Intune to manage Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session 

Hope this is the information you are looking for - please don't hesitate with additional questions.


Yes, Thanks for the reply.


Is it possible to install the Company Portal to WVD? while installing the portal I am getting a WVD policy error.




@Pavithra Thiruvengadam 


Has there been a migration tool release yet for the Fall 2019 WVD's to see them in the Azure Portal's Windows Virtual Desktop?



Do you have any document, how can we link the endpoint manager into WVD


Thanks in advance.

@pratik-imriel This is not any different from traditional PCs. It does require connectivity to the VM so either use VPN or ConfigMgr installed in Azure. Intune management is coming (very) soon and will work just as with physical devices.