Spring Update 2020 is in Public Preview!


Today we have announced public preview of our next update which comes with several improvements. See here where Brad Anderson and Julia White summarize our most exciting capabilities:https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2020/04/30/enable-remote-work-faster-new-windows-...

Get started by navigating to the Azure Portal and search for Windows Virtual Desktop. Our PS module is also available in PSGallery as part of Az module. The ARM API reference is available here - https://github.com/Azure/azure-rest-api-specs/tree/master/specification/desktopvirtualization/resour.... Our documentation is available here - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-desktop/

Note: Existing object created using GA tools will not show up on the portal. You will need to migrate them to ARM object. Migration tool (under implementation) will be provided by the WVD team.

Known issues:

This is the list of open issues we have that will be fixed soon:

  • Assign a user directly to a session host using the portal (mitigation: uses PS cmdlet)
  • Enabling and disabling of validation environment property doesn’t work
  • Export template from creation wizards not working (mitigation: for hostpool template, navigate to hostpool->properties->download template)
  • New-AzWvdWorkspace – at present you need to provide all properties for the PS cmdlet, else it fails - Name, ResourceGroup, Location, Description and Friendlyname
  • Not all doc links on the portal redirects you to the right document location.
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Is this why the service availability is impacted?


EDIT for clarification:

I was working on a desktop this morning.  Was disconnected and cannot reconnect. We are unable to subscribe to the feed or refresh the feed.   Appears to be a managed service issue?  Where should we look for updates as the Azure status page says the service is functional and it certainly is not.


Edit 2: Service functional again as of 2:20PM EST.

All of our WVD desktops are down.

Our service is impacted as well... Existing connections are fine for the most part but any new connections are having issues intermittently.

We also cannot subscribe to feeds or connect to WVD.  @Pavithra Thiruvengadam 

RDS service is down.

Clients already connected are OK but we cant connect new clients, it says that needs to update the feed.


Any news on this?


FYI - ours originally was simply new connections, however, over the past hour all users have been booted out and no one can reconnect.

Our WVD environment is having issues to. Currently cannot connect to desktop hosts.

@Pavithra Thiruvengadam 

Is this meaning to completely replace the existing way WVD is deployed?

Tenant Selection is not an option, Tenant creation is not an option, it does not see existing tenants, when we create a new pool, it doesnt show in any of the existing tenants in the environment...

Also, the ability to easily update the image and redeploy to the pools for new software, windows updates etc, even on the existing environment is still a HUGE issue for many clients. Its cumbersome and messy. A true gold image would be nice, and nice to sell. Even intune compatibility could make that easier

Granted this is preview, but there's still massive amounts of functionality that could be built right in easily and is not. Such as the scaling run books that is advertised... 

there are a few third party apps that wrap it up nicely into a neat and easily manageable package. But its hard to go back to a customer and say "Use this unsupported software" though we are currently writing are own as well... 

I've been in VDI for years, this is disappointing... 


@Pavithra Thiruvengadam The Workspaces / Applications Groups / Host Pools that we deployed before this portal was available are not displayed in the portal.  Do we need to do anything to get those WVD resources displayed in this new portal?

Regarding service health - There was a service health update sent to everyone that was impacted by this morning's outage. 

Regarding WVD non-ARM objects - please see note in the announcement.

@Pavithra Thiruvengadam any ETA or timeline for making migration tool available to convert existing objects?

@clwendt same issue, cannot see our current Host Pools etc. We created them using DevOps and currently use powershell to admin. We can see everything in the basic "old" portal.

@clwendt +1 to no visibility of existing HostPools that were created prior to this new management blade.


@Pavithra Thiruvengadam should we expect to be able to manage these existing deployments with the new blade?  Can these be migrated/added to this new blade or should be plan on re-deploying?


EDIT:  Okay, I re-read your post and now see that our older deployments will not show up in the new blade.  Any rough ETA on the migration tool from the WVD team?

Will there also be support in the AZ CLI (cross platform) module for managing the Windows Virtual Desktop service? Or is it only the PowerShell modules?


We are working on it now. I will have documentation explaining the migration process. It is very simple and am hoping to get the doc out next week.

@Joakim Westin 

Az CLI will be supported. We are working on it right now and hope to have it available soon.

Thanks! I'm wanting to get our current WVDs and apps onto the new platform as soon as possible.