Spring 2020 WVD: Session hosts joined to domain, but not added to WVD pools upon creation

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Good morning.  I have a ticket open with MS but thought I would ask here.  Thanks for taking the time to read.


Yesterday I began seeing an anomaly where when I create Host Pools and add session hosts, that process successfully completes and those session host VMs successfully spin up and join the domain, but do not get associated with the host pool.  This WAS working until about 10am MDT yesterday.  I have tried connecting to a VM, uninstalling the WVD agent and reinstalling, using the registration information from the host pool but no luck there.


Happens on both personal and pooled host pools.  Existing pools with session hosts still function.


Suggestions welcome!




Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Does the azure portal show any errors when you go to the hostpool and sessionhost page?
if possible, can you please send me a message with your hostpool, sessionhost name?
I can take a look.

@Soo Kuan Teo 

Hi there.  Thanks for the offer!  There were no messages I could see.  "Your deployment was completed". 

I WAS able to rejoin the session hosts to the pool by re-doing the agent uninstall/reinstall/register but ALSO doing the boot loader uninstall and reinstall too.  That way I could get the session hosts re-registered.