Slow Web application on WVD

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I am working on assignment where Client is experience, very slow web application response on WVD.  all of the user having performance issue with web app. I have  analyses the log Analytic, web application gateway, wvd FSlogix logs, event logs on session. network latency test But I cloud not find the reason why the web application is keeps hanging on WVD session. 


Please can I have some help to troubleshoot this issue. 




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Hi Aasif, what do you mean with web application? Are you talking about client HTML or are you talking about an web app in the AVD enviroment?



Hi  Thanks for reply on my question. my client has WVD  environment where end user  log into it to access the web application. Web App is on IaaS environment  in azure with  1 DB server and 1 Web app server. End user complains that the web application performance is poor on WVD environment, page loading takes time some time pages hangs or  crash. But application runs fine if they access directly on laptops. 

I have investigate the Azure Log analytic, WVD logs, event logs, FSlogix logs, CPU DISK RAM etc but I could not find any reason why web app miss- behave on WVD sessions. 

I hope this will help to understand my problem and looking forward some diagnostic tips to find out  the underlaying issue on WVD environment. 





More clear now.
Seems a network issue or an hardware limitation. I think maybe is better to raise a case with MS to investigate further about this issue.