Skype for bussines not working on WIndows 10 multi-session

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I am setting up an environment with 2 different host pools. One for E3 users and one for E1 users. For this setup I use 2 different base images because the host pools have different software.


Now I have a problem with skype for business on the E1 host pool machines. When i sign in with a user that has an E3 license attached i can open skype for business with no problems. But when I sign in with a user with an E1 license attached skype won't open, it crashes on the loading screen.


I have tried to install the skype for business basic client but get an error that this version can't be installed on a terminal server. So i took the office and skype for business installer for an E3 user and installed it on the machine but like I previously said this crashes when an E1 user is trying to open the it.


So to summarize: how can i create an image with skype for business installed for users with an E1 license?


Thank you in advance

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