ShortpathTransportNetworkDrop (68)

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We have a Server 2016 Host Pool which gets flooded with errors in the Insights Portal:


"ShortpathTransportNetworkDrop (68) The session host lost connection to the client because of an unexpected network error in the Shortpath transport. Check your network quality and configurations, then try again"


Guidance on Shortpath over Public networks has been followed and have excluded the higher UDP range from Firewall inspection but still getting these errors. We not using TURN but we are using STUN. As TURN is still in Preview.


Trying to get user feedback but doesnt seem to match up to the errors. Anyone else got this? We disabled UDP and put the traffic over TCP and users reported latency.


Network team cannot see an issue from the users locations or within the Azure space. A FortiGate is being used as a NAT gateway in Azure.


Does anyone else get these errors? I am suspecting these errors are actually normal for a deployment when using Shortpath as TCP obviously uses Resets and gives better information to what is happening, where as UDP it doesn't.


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Hi wheelerlewis,

Some of my AVD-environments using Network Virtual Appliances had disconnection errors back in June 2023. I did not configure RDP shortpath but the Azure Virtual Desktop Client version back then assumed that RDP shortpath was enabled by default.

As a workaround, I enforced TCP connections on the client-side via GPO.
Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Connection Client. Open the policy setting Turn Off UDP On Client and set it to Enabled.

I'm having the same situation with AVD (WVD) multi-session hosts. Seem to typically be very poor network quality, not speed, switch to TCP and it works with some degradation in the overall experience mainly due to the repeat back sends I think. Still working to get this sorted out as we also have a number of remote users who do not appear to have any reason for ShortPath disconnects, not specifically (68) and can't get to the root cause.
Thank you for posting this though, the AVD environment we created is new and just shortly after the OP.
We had the same issue, for three years. The funny thing is the network issues occurred on any VDI or remote technology we used (RDS, Citrix or VMware). The issue was our SDWAN connection. The multi -path connection to the azure firewalls were over looked and essentially caused the drops you’re describing. It happened on home uses and remote locations. Once the Network group found the oversight our issues stopped. While this may not be your issue I’d recommend looking at your SDWAN/VPN solution and find out if there is a multi connection settings that hasn’t been setup or is indeed not working.