Shortcut to WVD App.

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We are a doing PoC of a WVD (ARM) host pool and using the desktop client.  I'd like to create a Desktop/Taskbar/URL ( shortcut to a WVD App, rather than having to launch from the app itself each time.


I've seen reference to Windows Remote Desktop (that is, the WVD client 1.2.1446.0) client has a Command Line /reset switch so hoping there are more switches that we can use to achieve this.



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On your client machine that installed the  WVD client, Can you please check the windows start menu? the short cuts to the remoteapps should be there.

@Soo Kuan Teo 


I know I'm a little late to the party, but I just came to comment that in 1.2.1954.0 (x64), I don't get a list of apps when I right-click the app in the taskbar, but I am also looking for a way i can add specifically a desktop shortcut (not a taskbar\start menu pin). Any tips would be appreciated!

@paul_713 you enter then when you click on given app it will allow you to download rdpw file.